More than a mystery -
An indictment of modern man

The money was missing. That much was certain.

Mystery, tension and poignancy combine to make this multi-layered novel a riveting read. Well written and thoughtfully crafted, Development weaves together three stories about life. About hopes and dreams. About frustrations and disappointments. And about love and redemption.

It is the early 1970s, in Westport, CT. Hank Latour finds himself in an unhappy marriage, disconnected from his two teenage daughters, paralyzed in a mid-level career as a bank officer, and in debt.

Tempted to make BIG money – FAST, Hank invests his savings in a real estate project, but more money is needed. Unable to get a loan, he borrows from a loan shark.

Meanwhile, he struggles with his relationships in his family, as each one evolves in their own way, sometimes for the better, sometimes with tragic results.

- S. C., Los Angeles

Reader's Comments

"I can’t get the characters out of my mind.”


"Terrific book. It will surprise anyone that reads it.”


"They don’t turn out to be the kind of people you expect them to be.”

"This story is original and thoughtful. The reader easily becomes part of this family; becoming part of their struggles and dreams.”

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